Microsoft Teams – Some of the Best Free Tools (from Microsoft, MVPs and Community)

Over the past years, members of the Microsoft Community have created amazing tools that are extremely helpful for every Microsoft Teams administrator.

I hope that the list I wrote here (as limited as it is) will be useful to find “what you need, when you need it”

P.S. More tools are listed here

AAD Internals

AADInternals PowerShell module contains tools for administering and hacking Azure AD and Office 365. It is also used as a part of some of the scripts created by other users

Author: Dr Nestori Syynimaa (@DrAzureAD)

Automatically render Microsoft Teams Call Flow Diagrams

Reads the configuration from a Microsoft 365 Phone System auto attendant or call queue. Gives you a flow diagram using Mermaid

Author: Martin Heusser (@mozzeph)

Microsoft Teams Speed Dial Contacts Provisioning

Provision a speed dial list for your end-users or common area phones

Author: Alexander Holmeset (@AlexHolmeset)

Check Provisioning Status of Teams and Teams Users

This tool allows you to check the assignment and provisioning status of a single user or batch of users from a CSV file. It will first check the user(s) Azure AD assignment for Teams licenses. Next, it will check the assignment and provisioning of the actual service(s) in Teams.

Author: Lee Ford (@lee_ford)

Device Registration Troubleshooter Tool

DSRegTool PowerShell is a comprehensive tool that performs more than 50 different tests that helps you to identify and fix the most common device registration issues for all join types (Hybrid Azure AD joined, Azure AD Joined and Azure AD Register).

Author: @microsoft

Enable users for Direct Routing PowerShell GUI

This PowerShell script launches a WinForms GUI that can be used by anyone. This is useful for enabling or making changes to a couple of Teams DR users.

Author: Chris Hayward @WeakestLync