Microsoft Teams – Having a Good Camera to Fix Poor Lighting Quality

As more and more Teams meetings include a video call now, there is still one aspect of the meetings that is still often overlooked — lighting quality

In our homes or offices, it is not too complex to fix the lighting quality with some proper additional lights, if we have a meeting from a different location the main tool that we have is our webcam

The problem is usually having not enough light in the room, which creates harsh shadows, backlit and other issues

I wanted to show here the difference between a good camera and a camera that has also the capability to perform well also in a poor lighting situation. My selection was an integrated camera (Surface Laptop 3) and an external webcam (Logitech Brio)

On the left side, we have the number of Lumens in the room

As you can see in the comparison table below, over 35 Lumens (usually a public area with dark surroundings) there is no noteworthy difference. Going down with the lighting quality, though, Brio is able to keep good quality, whilst the integrated Surface camera gives an increasing dark image