How to Restore Microsoft Authenticator App on a New Device – Action Required – Scan the QR Code

If you rely on Microsoft Authenticator for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on various services and have lost or switched devices, here’s a straightforward guide to regain access smoothly:

  • Backup Your Authenticator App: before switching devices, enable the backup feature on your old phone’s Microsoft Authenticator app. This step ensures that you don’t have to manually recreate your entire account list.
Enable backup in your Authenticator App
  • Install and Restore: on your new device, download and open the Microsoft Authenticator app. Select ‘Restore from backup’ right after installation to begin restoring your accounts.
Restore from backup
  • Authenticate: log in using the same account that you used for creating the backup. Your accounts list should now be restored, but note that:
    • Accounts using only password code generators will be fully functional immediately (like LinkedIn).
    • Accounts using Push Notification or Phone Sign-In might show an “Action Required” error.
Password code generators will be fully functional

Action required

Opening the account You will see the message “Scan the QR code provided by your organization to finish recovering the account“.

Scan the QR code provided by your organization to finish recovering the account
Security info select "Add sign-in method"
  • Select Authenticator app. A QR code will appear for you to scan with your new device.
A QR code will be generated and you can scan it from your mobile.
  • Final Step: do not forget to remove your old mobile phone from the listed sign-in methods to maintain security.

Following these steps will help you transition your MFA settings to a new device without compromising on security.