Teams – Voice and Chat Features Customers Require After a Migration (and are Still Not There) – (Uservoice)

Also if I absolutely love Teams (and Office 365), there are still some voice-related features that were available in Skype for Business (SfB) and that our customers really miss when they migrate to Teams.

I will write a list here (with an explanation about why it would be useful to have it in Teams too) with the related Uservoice. I am sure that voting for them will add a little bit of pressure on Microsoft 🙂

I hope Teams will tick all the boxes quickly.

Separate user call notification from group call notification

(Let me add: improve the whole call notification system in Teams)

The experience with call notifications in Teams is really far from optimal. When you get a call as an agent of a Call Queue or as a member of a Group call pickup the toast notificatrion / screen popup is really clear about where the call was originally directed.

But, if you miss a call or you do not see the toast notification, call notification is no help. Do I have to say that this has an impact on the user experience and adoption?

Unassigned phone numbers management

Do you remember the Skype for Business feature to manage unassigned numbers? Well, there is nothing like that in Teams. You can manage it on the SBC (as I explained here ) but it is not as easy as it was.

There are at least three different Uservoice votes to give here

Voicemail on busy

Many users would love the option to send a call to their voicemail when they are busy.

Ability to notify everyone in a CHAT thread with the @everyone tag is needed

This is not a voice-related feature, but makes sense in my opinion, from an adoption point of view (instead of having to type all the names manually)–everyone-in-chat

Teams chat history export feature

I have seen many scenarios in which exporting the content of a chat (from the Teams client) would have been really useful.