Teams – Direct Routing – How to Test Emergency Numbers (999 and 112) in the United Kingdom (UK)

As a part of every testing script for a new phone system (in this case Direct Routing) it is important to verify that also the emergency numbers (999 and 112 in the United Kingdom) are reachable.

Said so, misusing the 999 system and dialing it for non-emergency matters could cost lives, slowing down response to genuine emergencies by tying up an operator.

So, what is the right approach to this one? After a lot of searching around, I found the right answer and some guidance

What to do:

Write an email to 999testcalls (at) stating the phone number(s) you are going to use in the test and the time and date you would like to perform the test

General Principles:

• Communicate the date, approximate time (e.g. a 2 hour time slot) and the numbers you expect the operator to see

• Where possible calls should be made between 09.00 – 17.00, Monday –Friday. Try avoiding evenings and weekends because they are the busiest times

• If you intend to make a large number of calls please try and give at least 48 hours’ notice

• There is no test environment. All calls are made into the live service because this is the best way to ensure everything is working as expected

• For data protection the operator cannot read out the number or names or address details on their screen but they can confirm them if you read them out

• It is recommend testing both 999 and 112

Example of Emergency Numbers (999 and 112) Testing Script (United Kingdom)