Example of Emergency Numbers (999 and 112) Testing Script (United Kingdom)

Tester: This is a Test Call
Operator: May I have your initials please (this may be requested later in the call)

Tester: Please confirm the CLI is *********** (Read to the emergency operator the telephone number you expect to be displayed)
Operator : Will confirm yes or no.*

Tester: Does the Service show ” Emergency Call (999) or (112 ) ?
Operator: 999/112

Tester: What is shown in the Service Type? (Ask the BT Operator to read this from the screen, it should include the Service Provider name and VOIP”)
Operator: Will read back the information presented

Tester: Is the name and address shown as – (Read out the address you expect the BT Operator to see)?
Operator: Will confirm yes or no.*

Tester: Are Emergency Authority Connect-to numbers displayed for the XXXXXX Area? (this should be for the postcode shown in the address)
Operator: Will confirm yes or no.*

Tester That completes the test, please release this call.

* BT Operator can only confirm yes or no to these questions