Teams (Hybrid Deployment with SfB) – Set Up Hybrid – Office 365 Admin Role Requirements

As a part of the hybrid Skype for Business setup process, the last step is to run the “Set up hybrid with Teams and Skype for Business Online” from the Skype for Business Control Panel (see the screenshot below)

Set up hybrid with Teams and Skype for Business Online

Honestly, I do not like the way this step was implemented by Microsoft. The Skype for Business Control Panel struggles with things that are normal in Office 365 administration, like NOT using administrators registered in the original domain. I see no good motivation to force the use of the GUI rather than publishing a few lines of PowerShell to get the same result.

As part of this unclearness, so far, I was not able to find an official document about what Admin Role in Office 365 is required to successfully perform the task. I prefer to have a good explanation before going to the customer asking to use a Global Admin (which is the standard everybody uses for this specific task).

Considering that this change is all around Teams and Skype for Business Online I have tried with a lower level of permissions, Teams Service Admin

The result was the error you can see below

Import-PSSession error

The error message is the following one:

Import-PSSession : Running the Get-Command command in a remote session returned no results

Running it again, with a user having Global Admin role worked with no issue so, clearly, the PowerShell executed by the wizard requires a user with Global Admin role.