Lync MVPs on Twitter: Lists by Continent and “Phone Book”


Following updates on Twitter is extremely important to stay in touch with latest news.

I think it is also necessary to create lists, in order to filter the content and make them easier to use.

For my convenience I have created five public lists (which you can subscribe on my Twitter handle @fabriziovlp) containing Lync MVPs on Twitter by continent.


Also, in this post, there is a full list of the twitter handles of MVP around the World, which you can use to create your own personalized lists.

You are welcome in notifying  missing names , errors, or (simply) if you want to be removed from this post.



Name Twitter Handle Country
Balasaheb Ilag @ILAGBALU India
Mohamed Ahmed Abdul-Haleem @AhmedMegii Kuwait
Shyh Wei James Ooi @jamesosw Malaysia
Brennon Kwok @ucprimer Singapore
Ziyang Triston Wan @tristonwan Singapore



Name Twitter Handle Country
Greig Sheridan @greiginsydney Australia
James Cussen @mylynclab Australia
Justin Morris @justimorris Australia
Shane Hoey @shanehoey Australia
Thamara Thilanka Wijesinghe @ThamaraWijesing Australia
Andrew Morpeth @AndrewMorpeth New Zealand
Julian Bee @jiminynzl New Zealand
Paul Bloem @PaulB_NZ New Zealand



Name Twitter Handle Country
Johan Delimon @jdelimon Belgium
Omar Kudovic @OmarKudovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alexis Conia @alexis_conia France
Eudes Olivier Robert @eudesolivier France
Franck ANNET @FranckANNET France
Frank Carius @msxfaq Germany
Thomas Poett @ThomasPoett Germany
Thomas Wenzl @ThomasWenzl Germany
Fabrizio Volpe @fabriziovlp Italy
Steven van Houttum @StevenvanH Netherlands
Ståle Hansen @StaleHansen Norway
Peter Frank Diaz Rosales @peterdiaz33 Spain
Martin Lidholm @mlidholm Sweden
Tommy Clarke @itommyclarke Sweden
Adam Gent @adamguc United Kingdom
Andrew Ord @AndyOrd United Kingdom
Iain Smith @iainsmith76 United Kingdom
Tom Arbuthnot @tomarbuthnot United Kingdom


North America

Name Twitter Handle Country
Evan Zaleschuk @Evan_Zaleschuk Canada
Greg Thomas @greggomatic Canada
Jean-Phillipe Breton @JPBret Canada
Ken Lasko @kenlasko Canada
Michael Greenlee @michaelgreenlee Canada
Michael LaMontagne @RealTimeUC Canada
Rodolfo Castro Aguilar @ucblogmx Mexico
Adam Ball @AdamCBall United States
Adam Jacobs @adamjacobs United States
Alex Lewis @alexlewis United States
Brian R Ricks @bricomp United States
Chad McGreanor @chadmcgreanor United States
Charles Anthony Caragol @CAnthonyCaragol United States
Drago Totev @lynclogblog United States
Dustin Hannifin @dhannifin United States
Elan Shudnow @ElanShudnow United States
Georg Thomas @georgathomas United States
Jeff Schertz @jdscher United States
John Weber @JDubyaeber United States
Jonathan McKinney @lyncdialog United States
Matt Landis @matthewlandis United States
Mike Stacy @mikestacy United States
Pat Richard @patrichard United States
Randy Wintle @UCMadeEasy United States
Richard J Brynteson @rbrynteson United States
Tim Harrington @twharrington United States
Tom Pacyk @tompacyk United States


South America

Name Twitter Handle Country
Carlos Fernando @Paleo_ Brazil