Deploying Persistent Chat Server: a Free Chapter


Packt, that published my book Getting Started with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 , to facilitate the circulation of the text, has made available an entire chapter (the sixth, on Persistent Chat server deployment) in PDF format.

It can be downloaded from the following URL

Chapter 6 PDF

Or you can read it on the following post:

Deploying Persistent Chat Server

From the synopsis of the book’s content:

Chapter 6, Deploying Persistent Chat Server, introduces Persistent Chat, which is a new
feature of Lync 2013, that enables the creation of a knowledge base for your users and
the construction of “private” spaces, where a selected groups of our users are able to
communicate. Here we will see how it works and how it is implemented.

I invite you to read it and (if you have time and desire) to let me know what is your opinion 🙂