Hybrid Clouds “Silver Bullet” of the Cloud Computing?


Cloud Security Alliance has organized a beautiful event for Central and Eastern Europe, in Ljubljana.



I have received the honor to take part to the event, with speakers like  James Snow from Google, Michele Bezzi from SAP, Kai Roer form the Roer Group and Jesus Luna from CSA EMEA.

My speech has been about Hybrid Clouds, and I decided to title it – Hybrid Clouds “Silver Bullet” of the Cloud Computing? –

[slideshare id=36570664&doc=csasummitpresentation-140702172620-phpapp01]



Here is a synopsis of the speech.

A hybrid Cloud combines public cloud and private data center principles, granting access to the advantages of both kind of deployment.

This is fast growing market, because many companies desire configurations and features from both the sides of the Cloud (regardless of their size and the number of users).

The speech was about how customers are able to plan hybrid scenarios starting from on-premises deployment or from the Cloud, and then manage, control and secure both the environments with the same tools and interfaces.

We examine how workloads and users can be moved to the public Cloud and back to the private Cloud in a seamless manner and draw some considerations on this specific computing scenario.