Microsoft Teams – Transferring a Call Still in Hold? Works Only in Specific Scenarios

So, today a user was asking me about transferring an incoming PSTN call that they had put in hold without resuming it.

My first answer was “it is not doable”. From the desktop client the transfer options are disabled when you have the phone call in hold (see the images below)

Transfer options not available in the desktop client for a call in hold

But then I did a test using the web client. Using Edge or Chrome, transferring a call that is in hold is always doable (see the next image)

Teams opened in the web browser. Transfer options for a call in hold are available

I have no explanation about why only the web interface allows this. I will assume some missing piece in the desktop client 😃

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams – Transferring a Call Still in Hold? Works Only in Specific Scenarios”

  1. In my case, both the Teams web client and the Teams desktop client were unable to transfer a call that was on hold.

    1. I had a single test scenario in which you were able to do the transfer of a call that was in hold from the web client (using Chrome) only when the call window was “minimized” (for example, clicking on a different part of the Teams client to minimize the call window). Said so, the situation I have described was the most common one.

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