My Review of FortiGate on IT Central Station


I have published a tech review of FortiGate firewalls on IT Central Station, a ” a crowdsourced knowledge platform that helps technology decision makers around the world to better connect with peers and other independent experts who provide advice without vendor bias.”

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The FortiGate security appliances. UTM security in a single device, good administrative interface and performances.

First things first

Talking about FortiGate from Fortinet we are talking about a family of UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances. This means: FortiGate is a term that includes a wide range of products, starting from small ones dedicated to small offices, and growing up to devices that are able to grant security and networking for really big companies. The family includes physical devices and virtual machines, which grant network security on different layers using a single point of control. FortiGate is optimized to avoid bottlenecks or delays while the various controls are performed. High availability is also part of the available features, with different solutions to avoid single points of failure.

In the short list that follows, I will try to list some interesting points about the FortiGate solution.

1. Administrative Interface

If you are experienced with network security management, you know that usually this kind of activity requires to interact …