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What if Henry Ford Had Also Sold Horses?


I am the guest blogger on IT Central Station this month, with an article talking about the Cloud and the IT Professionals.




What if Henry Ford Had Also Sold Horses?

Let’s start from completely imaginary; let’s say that Henry Ford in addition to selling cars was also one of the biggest (only?) sellers of horses in the United States. Let’s say that one day he decided that horses were a business with no future, and had focused on cars as a product. As a man of business, he made logical (although questionable) decisions to push his flagship product: raised the price of the horses to the point of making them an extravagance, he decided that after a year horses were to be replaced regardless of their status, losing the interest of the jockeys and blacksmiths who were just as obsolete as the horses. Maybe he also decided to sell the cars at a loss, just to entice people to move quickly on a new conveyance (to which there was a widespread distrust). If you see any similarities with real facts, you are probably a Microsoft IT Pro.