Android Office APPs- Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams and Word Sign Out

The Office Apps for Android keep the user signed in when you close them or reboot the mobile device.

If you want to sign out for any motivation (for example, to not use mobile data) you will have a fragmented experience. You can imagine different scenarios:

  • Sign Out from any of the apps between Excel, PowerPoint and Word signs out from the remaining two in this group
  • Sign Out from Teams signs out also from OneDrive and Outlook
  • Sign out from OneDrive does not affect other Office apps
  • Outlook has no sign out option (but is affected by Teams sign out). Somebody even suggests to remove the user profile
I think that the logic for the Teams app is to sign out also the apps that are required for it to grant all the features
In the following diagrams you have the steps required in the different apps for Android

Excel, PowerPoint and Word Sign Out Steps

OneDrive Sign Out Steps

Teams Sign Out Steps