Microsoft Teams Administration Cookbook


Quick Solutions for Administrators in the Modern Workplace

Book Cover: Microsoft Teams Administration Cookbook
ISBN: 978-1098133047
Pages: 450

Microsoft Teams is used in hundreds of thousands of organizations to help keep remote and hybrid workplaces with dispersed workforces running smoothly. But while Microsoft Teams can seem easy for the user, Teams administrators must stay on top of a wide range of topics, including device administration techniques, quality benchmarks, and security and compliance measures. With this handy cookbook, author Fabrizio Volpe provides a clear, concise overview of administrative tasks in Teams-along with step-by-step recipes to help you solve many of the common problems that system administrators, project managers, solution architects, and IT consultants may face when configuring, implementing, and managing Microsoft Teams. Think of this book as a detailed, immensely practical cheat sheet for Microsoft Teams administrators. Recipes in the book will show you how to: Apply Teams best practices, compliance, and security Automate administrative tasks Successfully deploy Teams Implement Teams collaboration Deploy and manage Microsoft Teams Rooms Leverage the monitoring, productivity, and accessibility features Foresee roadblocks in migrations to Teams and Teams Voice Optimize Teams on virtual machines


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